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Due to the hot summers in recent years, water has become increasingly scarce throughout Austria. Unfortunately, this has already caused problems at the campsite.

Because of the high water consumption and the hot weather there was less water available, it was more and more difficult for us to guarantee enough water for every guest for showers, washing up, fresh water on the pitches etc..

Water is one of the most important resources our earth has to offer. Therefore, we must protect it.

Let's help together

our environment

The topic of the environment has become more and more important for us in recent years. Our water at the campsite comes 100% from our own spring. The water quality is checked every year by a certified laboratory. This way we can be sure to provide you with the best quality of our alpine water.

The hot water is also heated ecologically. This is heated with biomass from our own forest in our heating system.

tested mountain water from our own spring
Environmentally friendly

Our shower system

At check in you will receive a transponder card for each adult and for children over 4 years. Children under 4 years of age do not receive a card. With these cards you can open the barrier and the door of the main sanitary facility.

The shower duration is also regulated with the card. You have one shower unit of 7 minutes per person per night at your disposal. If you need more units, you can purchase them at the reception.

One unit (7 min) costs € 0,60.

We have card reading stations in our wash houses, you can check your balance there. Please do not give your card to third parties. If you lose your card, please contact the reception.

If you do not use a unit completely, you only have to turn off the water and the remaining credit will be automatically credited to your account.

All the cards you get access a common account. This account contains the shower units for all persons for the entire stay.